Board and Subsidiaries

Odyssey Trust Directors

Eric Porter (Chair)   

Greg McConnell 

Christina Byrnes  

Catherine O'Mullan 

Timothy Harrison 

Glenn Jordan

Lesley Bourke  

Jeremy Mills

Kate Magee

Mark Cuskeran

Mark Durkin

Martin Pitt

OML Belfast Limited Directors

Mark Cuskeran (Chair)

Richard Ennis

Martin McDowell

Paul McMahon   

Julie-Anne Gillen

Adrian Doyle 

Glenn Jordan

W5 Directors

Catherine O’Mullan (Chair)

Kate Magee

Timothy Harrison  

Jeremy Mills

Greg McConnell 

Adrian Doyle

Executive and Senior Management Teams

Odyssey Group Executive 

Robert Fitzpatrick - Chief Executive   

Adrian Doyle - Director - Xperience Operations

Paul McMahon - Director – Corporate Operations 

Julie-Anne Gillen - Group Head of Finance

Senior Management Team 

Neil Walker - Chief Value Officer

Judith Harvey - Group Head of Education and Public Affairs

Brian Hughes - Group Head of Facilities 

Wendy Langham - Head of Social Affairs

Adrian Lutton - Head of Exhibition, Design and Marketing

Dermot McGinn - Head of Food and Beverage 

Roisin Murray - Head of Human Resources

Steve Thornton - Head of Hockey Operations and Commercial